Window cleaning tips

If you have a nice view which you love to enjoy, you know that a dirty window can ruin your pleasant mood.

Whether it is your house, apartment, office or shop, you can apply the following method to make your windows really clean.

Washing windows may not seem a difficult task to do, but you might want to know what the secret to getting the windows crystal-clear with no spots or scum is.

Before applying a cleaning solution, use your dusting-brush attachment to vacuum around the windows, including the corners, the screens, and the windowsill. If your  windows have blinds or drapes, take them down before cleaning and give them vacuuming too.

Pour cold water in a bucket wide enough to fit a mop in. Do not use hot water, as it can make the water evaporate quickly. Look at the detergent’s manufacturer instructions about the proportions to use. Then, dissolve the required quantity in the water or apply it directly onto the wet mop (however, you could successfully use a few drops of dish soap instead). Do not use too much detergent, as it may increase the soapy residue.

Use the wet mop with detergent to rub the windows. Rub thoroughly until all the dirt is lifted. For removing stubborn stains use a scraper to scrape off the dirt, but be careful to pass the blade in one direction only, as backward scraping can cause scratches.

When rubbing is done you will need a squeegee to collect the water. This is the most crucial tool, so you better purchase a good one and you will even want to use it for cleaning your shower doors. Press the squeegee constantly using one or both of your hands and hold it over the glass without lifting it up. It’s best to start at the top left corner and snake your way down the window. Repeat moving it using the same angle until you clean the entire area. With a little practice, you will be able to manage this with no water marks left on the glass.

You are not a professional, so you may need to wipe the edges. A microfiber cloth will do miracles to the unsightly water marks anywhere on the glass. Use it dry. If you notice any insect marks or finger marks rub them with a clean part of the microfiber cloth, or start again with the mop.

Use a towel to wipe up the bottom of the window frame or any water spills around the area.

Repeat the procedure for the other side of the window.

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