Things you should know when cleaning upholstery by yourself

Cleaning upholstery can be a difficult task if you do it yourself without the help of professional service. However, there are some tips and important things you should know about cleaning upholstery at home in order not to damage the furniture.

  1. Before starting to clean the upholstery with cleaning products, test their colorfastness on a small area.
  2. Don’t forget to remove the upholstery cushions. Clean them also by beating them by hand. You can do this once a month.
  3. Vacuum the furniture every two weeks to preserve it in a good condition. Vacuuming will prolong its life for sure. It is good to use the upholstery attachment.
  4. Avoid rubbing because it can damage the fabrics.
  5. If there are stains from food or drinks, it is important to react quickly! Before using a certain product, check the manufacturer’s label. It is usually under the seat or inside the cushion cover. There you will find instructions for cleaning the fabrics. If professional cleaning is required, discuss the warranty with the professional upholstery cleaner before work begins.
  6. We suggest you to use homemade cleaning products such as a water-based upholstery cleaner made of water and ¼ cup of dish washing soap. You have to make foam by mixing it. Then use a soft-bristled brush to rub foam gently onto the fabrics. Leave it to dry perfectly before you put back the cushion.