Effective ways to deal with the shower doors

Of all the tough-to-clean zones in the bathroom, shower doors can be the most stubborn, with spots, streaks and perhaps a faint green tinge that seems to hover despite the hardiest cleaning efforts.

There are some effective ways to make your shower doors shine. You may not even need to scrub a thing.

Removing soap scum, hard water stains and spots

If your all-purpose bathroom cleaner doesn’t rid the shower doors of soap scum, you can use vinegar.

You must keep the door covered in wet vinegar for at least 5 minutes. To do it, just dip a sponge in white vinegar and keep applying it over the door as the vinegar dries. If you have particularly stubborn soap scum, you can try applying boiling vinegar, but very carefully. When you are done, rinse off the vinegar with warm water. The vinegar smell will go away after a couple of showers.

For water spots on the metal rim, a citrus oil (like lemon or orange) can work wonders.

Removing mold and mildew from shower doors

Mildew is that usually black (but sometimes pink or green) growth you may notice around the edges of shower doors, where the glass meets the frame, and it’s a fungus. It increases the risk of allergy and illnesses. “Mold” is actually the fungus, and “mildew” is what you get when that fungus builds up.

You can kill the mold using a cleaning solution with either chlorine or hydrogen peroxide in it. Just spray or wipe it on. You don’t need to scrub.

To prevent mildew’s return, leave the shower doors open between uses so air can circulate.

If you wipe the doors with a towel, keep them open for air flow, and spray on a shower cleaner after each shower, you’ll find your weekly scrub-down to be a lot less time-consuming.