How to prepare the garden for the summer parties

Long and hot summer nights are the best time for a glass of white wine and nice chats with good friends in the garden. If you like the idea of the authentic garden parties take a look at our tips for clean and good looking garden.

  1. If your garden is big and really messy, plan which areas have to be cleaned first and if there is a lot of work, do it in separate days. Don’t overwork.
  2. If you want to renovate your garden and plant new weeds, the best time to do it is spring. It is also the best time for nurturing the trees and flowers.
  3. Remove the death growth and branches. A metal rake and a cart will help you a lot.
  4. Different colors of the flowers make the garden beautiful and create really romantic atmosphere – especially flowers like tulips, petunia, roses, impatiens and other. For the flowers that are in pots, it’s always better to use larger pots so that they have enough space.
  5. If you have a small pond in the garden, clear it by removing the fallen leaves from it.
  6. Watering the garden is another important part of gardening. Don’t forget to be water efficient. It is good to know that watering your garden in the early morning or evening reduces water loss through evaporation. Try to water plants deeply and use fertilizer.
  7. In the summer we use more often the barbecue in the garden. It is very important to clean it every time after using it. This will help to preserve it in a better condition for longer time. Remove the grease and don’t forget to clean also the inside part of the barbecue – remove the cooking plate and scrub it with little dish-washing liquid.