Main tips for the Car washing season

Spring is coming soon and the car-washing season, too!

How to make your car shine as it’s in a TV advertising? There are many do-it-yourself ideas that will help you. The time for long trips and vacations is coming and your car has to be ready for the good sunny times across the way!

First of all you have to take care of the exterior appearance of your vehicle. You have to get rid of all of the grit and dust over it. Rinse it with water and wash it carefully.

You may find some spots from the water minerals – you can avoid this problem with water filter.

Cleaning the wheels may take more time and effort. We suggest you to use a wheel sealant.

After the wash, you have to wait for it to dry.

Clean the exterior and interior of all the windows. Be sure that you removed the dust that is accumulated at the top of the windows.

A good idea is to apply window cleaner on your headlights to keep them polished.

Don’t forget about the blades – when they are very dirty they can scratch the window.

Now it’s time for some tips for cleaning the interior!

Throw away all the trash from your car. We are sure that you have left bottles, napkins, papers everywhere in your car, even under the seats. It is a chance that you will find even money or your favourite sunglasses you think you lost.

Use a car vacuum cleaner but don’t vacuum hard to reach places. Try using it at a reduced power and you will find out that you can access the difficult places easily.

Don’t forget about the seats. If they are made of leather, use the cleaner gently and be careful – don’t scrub the leather.