How to make your working place look better?

Your office is the place where you spend most of your time – at least 40 hours a week you are there. For most of the people their job is their life and that’s why it is so important to feel the place where you work as a second home.

It is clear that there is a staff responsible for the cleaning but every person in the office can do a little to make his own place look nicer with just a little effort. How? Here are 4 simple steps that you can follow every day which will make your place at the office look and feel better.

1. Don’t leave a pile of paper and unnecessary things on your desk.

Before you go home after work look at your desk and throw all the paper in the bin and move the things you won’t need the other day back where they were. It is useful to leave a bin next to you. It is also a good habit to give every item you use a certain place in the office and to leave it there after using it.

2. Clean your keyboard and monitor daily.

You can use the special wipes for electronics to do this. It will be good if you don’t eat meals at your desk.  We know that you don’t have much time for lunch but it is not only unhealthy to eat and work on your computer at once but it is also bad for your computer’s health. And don’t forget to put your cup of coffee far from the computer to avoid unpleasant incidents.

3. Take care of a plant.

Even if you are not the biggest plant lover it will really make your office space look fresh and nice. It is also proven that flowers improve creativity J

4. Put a picture of someone you love next to your computer.

There is nothing more inspiring and motivational than the people we love. That’s why it really helps to remind yourself about them during your working day. It is a big relief to see a picture of your love or example at a nervous or tense moment at work.