How to make your bedroom well cleaned and organized for longer time?

There is no doubt that the bedroom is one of the most important places at home for everyone. It is a personal peace of heaven on earth especially when you are really tired after a busy day at work and you only want to get to your room and watch your favorite series in your comfortable bed. A deep clean of your bedroom can make it ever more pleasant. Learn some tips that will save your bedroom clean and cozy for longer time.

  1. Clean under and behind the bed. It is not a secret that most of the dust in your room is under the bed and behind it and the other big furniture. We are sure you won’t find monsters there so don’t be afraid to brush up under it. And you will be amazed how many “lost” socks you will find!
  2. Wipe down the surfaces of all furniture with microfiber cloth and detergent powder. Using them will save the furniture fresh for longer time for sure!
  3. Put in place every book you don’t read or need at the moment.
  4. Clean the windows and all glass surfaces with glass cleaner. You will be amazed of their returned mirror effect!
  5. Put your most used items organized in shelves on eye level so that you don’t have to turn your room upside down to find them.
  6. Launder your bedding to refresh its color and aroma. If you have curtains in your room, don’t forget to take them down for the next laundry.
  7. Vacuum the carpet deeply.
  8. Use more hangers for your closet. If you hang most of your clothing you won’t have to waste time folding them and putting them into drawers. This will help you to keep your clothes neat and in order easily.
  9. Remove every small thing from the floor and place it where it is or throw it if you don’t need it.

Now it is time to relax in your clean, fresh and cozy room!

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