How to keep your bath cleaned in 5 simple steps

We will all admit that the bath takes a lot of time to be perfectly cleaned and to sparkle. There are a lot of different surfaces that need special attention and treatment. The fact that it needs to be cleaned more often than the other rooms in most of the cases makes it not a favourable place for cleaning. Here are some simple steps appropriate for everyday cleaning – they are really time-saving and will make your bathroom cleaner and fresher.

  1. Don’t keep a lot of bottles and tubes. The more things you keep in your bathroom, the bigger is the amount of grime that they can collect. So don’t cover the surfaces with a lot of shampoos, hair tools and etc. Check regularly if there are empty ones and throw them away.
  2. Clean the mildew. It’s definitely one of the biggest problems of the baths. So, to clean it use a mixture of water and bleach (10:1 parts) and brush with soft-bristled brush.
  3. Circulate the air. Fresh air is really important part of the calm and nice atmosphere in your bathroom. In fact it’s the place that one needs to feel most relaxed. It’s also recommended to use the fans after you take a shower because it will decrease the moisture and prevent mildew growth.
  4. Clean the mirrors with 50/50 mixture of vinegar and water.
  5. Scrub the toilet bow regularly. This is the place that hides enormous amount of bacteria so be sure that you are using the right cleaner.