How to freshen up the upholstered furniture?

Spring is coming and the desire to make your home look clean, fresh and nice is growing! Even when you take care of the upholstered furniture at home, some unpleasant situations may have happened and there might be damages on it. Fortunately, there are tips and tricks for almost everything, so don’t worry – with little effort you can make you upholstery look like new!

What to do with the stains?

The most important rule in upholstery cleaning you have to remember is to react quickly when there are stains. Use a cloth or paper cloth to blot dry and be careful not to rub or scrub the stain because it can make it larger.

If the furniture fabric can be treated with water, you can put steam on it to loosen the stain. It will help you to clean it easily after that. You can even use your iron or steam generator for this purpose.

Vacuum Cleaning

It’s a good idea to vacuum the upholstered furniture regularly. It will definitely make it fresher and it will also prolong its life. If you have a pet, you can try a pet hair remover.

Use Upholstery Cleaners

When you are choosing a cleaner you have to take into account the type of material that the upholstery is made of and the types of the stains you want to remove. In case of very old or valuable furniture it’s better to use the use the help of professionals.

One of the most important things for cleaning your upholstery well is to choose the appropriate method. The good-looking upholstered furniture is just one aspect of the clean house but it’s really important one. Don’t forget that it’s good to freshen it up regularly. This way you will save its color and material in a better condition for longer time.

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