How to clean the shower?

We clean the bathroom often but in most of the cases we forgot about the shower itself… Ok, we agree that the cleaned shower won’t make your singing better but it will make the whole bathroom look fresher!
If you haven’t cleaned the shower lately, it may take more time and efforts. So grab the sponge and let’s go!

What will you need?

You will need several tools to do it properly except the sponge –plastic bags, tile cleaner, microfiber cloth, hook, and vinegar.

The first step is to remove all the shampoo bottles so that it will be easier to clean all of the spots. After that you can proceed with rinsing the walls and floor of your shower with hot water – do not use vinegar for that because it can damage them.

Spray the tiles in the bathroom with a bathroom cleaning product and don’t forget to follow the instruction on the spray.

Then it is turn to remove the hard spots from the shower with mix of hot water and vinegar. This little trick will give a shining effect of the shower. You can remove the showerhead and rinse it separately for best results. If the water from your showerhead is shooting in all directions, the holes in your showerhead are probably clogged. You can flush them by putting a plastic bag with vinegar and water around the showerhead so the holes are immersed in the liquid. Leave for around 15 minutes. Remove the bag and run the shower on hot to flush the holes.

One of the most unpleasant parts is cleaning out the drain. Unscrew the drain and by using a hook, take the hair out and throw it in a plastic bag.

In the end it is good to ventilate the bathroom. Good job! Now it’s time for a long and relaxing shower!