How to clean the countertops

Countertops require regular maintenance and obeying some rules for better protection and easy cleaning.

No matter how tough the stains are, avoid using knives or abrasive materials for scrubbing. Just use sponges to gently rub and clean the surface.

Depending on the material the countertop is made of there are different cleaning solutions you could try to make the surface shine to perfection.

See which of the cleaning solutions will fit your needs, but do not forget to test the chosen one in an inconspicuous area first to avoid any further damages.

Marble countertops are very delicate and more sensitive to certain foods and chemicals, and thus require special treatment. Applying an impregnating sealer will greatly reduce the porosity and the chance for marble stains to occur. However, a simple solution would be to wipe the surface clean with soapy water (dish-washing liquid), rinse and dry immediately.

Laminate is cheap, mass-produced, and very adaptable. Laminated countertops can be successfully cleaned with a mixture of water and a teaspoon of baking soda. After applying the cleaning paste, rinse with plain water and dry. Laminate can also be cleaned with a whole range of products from simple soap and water to vinegar and bleach.

Wooden countertops such as maple, teak or mahogany once a year should be cleaned with teak or linseed oil in the direction of the wood grain. Stains can be removed by rubbing the area with lemon juice. Salt can be added to the juice for additional cleaning power.