How to clean marble surfaces at home

It is not difficult to clean marble surfaces but there are some tips that may help you with the right maintenance of this material. Marble is formed by limestone exposed to extreme pressure and heat. It is interesting that with the proper care marble can practically last forever.

First, when you got your marble newly installed, you probably saw some white powder on the surface. Do not panic, this is just mineral salt that usually appears and it is harmless. The reason for this powder is actually the evaporating water from the stone. So it is important to clean the powder with dry cloth and not to use water because this will cause more moisture in the stone.

If you have marble tiles in the bathroom, it’s good to dry them with a towel after every shower and any time the surface gets wet.

The marble can be also easily scratched so when you clean it, do not use sharp objects.

When you leave something on the marble surface it’s good to use mats for glasses, plates and appliances. This will prevent damages caused by heat or spills.

If you have a marble floor, use paddings for the chairs and the tables and do not put too heavy things especially on thinner marble. Do not forget to vacuum often because the dirt and the small rocks can scratch the surface.

It is also good to use neutral pH cleaners. If you spill something it’s recommended to clean immediately the marble surface because it’s very vulnerable to acid products such as vinegar, tomatoes, citrus fruits, and others. Although vinegar is used for cleaning many surfaces at home, do not forget that it’s acidic and can cause damage to marble.

Marble surfaces are really beautiful and they give the house a luxurious look but you should take care of them to keep them this way.