Blender & coffee maker cleaning tips

If your kitchen seems to be the most difficult place to clean from the entire house, you probably should take into consideration the following tips for kitchen cleaning.

In no time the job will be done, without considerable effort and without spending money on expensive cleaning products.

The blender. Cleaning a blender is easy if you clean it every time after you use it. Here is a simple way how to do it.

Add warm water to halfway and a few drops of dish-washing liquid. If you have a lemon, put in half a lemon to scrape off any particles and eliminate odors. Then start the machine for about 30 seconds. All the particles will be easily removed and a simple rinse with water will finish the job. After that place the blender upside down on a dish drying rack to air dry.

The coffee maker. After continuous use of your coffee maker, it will start to have a buildup of hard water deposits. It needs to be cleaned monthly to remove that buildup.¬†Follow these steps to clean your coffee maker and you’ll taste the difference.

Make a mixture of one part white vinegar to two parts water – enough to fill the pot. For a stronger solution make a mixture that is half vinegar and half water instead. Pour this mixture in the coffee maker, put in a coffee filter and let it run a full cycle. When it’s done, repeat the above a second time, but this time with plain cold water. If there is still a smell of vinegar left, you can repeat the rinse.

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