Best cleaning tips for the summer

It’s summer! At this time of the year you need fresh air and summer mood not only when you are somewhere in the nature but also at home. If you want to turn your house into a seaside villa, follow our cleaning tips and tricks for the summer.

Prevent mold growing in the bathroom

During the summer we use the shower more often and there is a bigger chance for growing mold in the bath. Be sure that everyone at home uses the fan after taking a shower or leave the window open in order to prevent humidity. It’s also a good idea to leave shower doors and curtains open after use so shower walls can air dry.

Use lemons for cleaning the sink

You can clean the stainless steel sinks and faucets with leftover lemons. First rub the areas you want to clean and then wipe them with a microfiber cloth. It will give a nice shiny effect and it will smell good.

Prepare the grill for parties

Is it summer without barbecue parties? Be sure that your grill is in a perfect condition. It is easy to clean it: while the grill is still warm, scrub down the grates with wire brush. If it is very dirty, take the grate off and clean it with oven cleaner. Don’t forget to use rubber gloves to keep your skin safe.

Plan the laundry more often

It is more likely to have 2 or 3 times more dirty clothes during the summer because there are more family trips – camping, going to the seaside, children vacations and etc. That’s why it’s better to do small loads of laundry but more often – for example every 2-3 days.

Fresh aroma in the house and summer decorations

Last but not least make the air at home fresh – grow more flowers at home and in the garden (if you have one) and use cleaners with fresh citrus aroma. To keep the summer mood on, make some do-it-yourself decorations with sea shells.