6 tricks to keep your office space clean and fresh

To maintain your office space clean and fresh you need to invest time daily and weekly – to put away things and to clean your stuff. The problem with cleaning in the office is that there are a lot of people you share the place with and they often leave a total mess.

But it’s proven that the place where we work has a big influence on our mood and our work. Here is a list of 6 tricks that will help you to keep the office space cleaner. If you follow them regularly, we promise that your working environment will improve.

  1. Keep your keyboard clean. There is a study that shows that the keyboards of the office computers normally have 5 times higher level of bacteria. Don’t forget to clean it with a special cleaning solution for devices.
  2. Arrange papers and materials on the floor or piled precariously on desks and tables. It is good once a week to throw away all the papers and notes you won’t need. It is also a good idea to implement a paper recycling program.
  3. Don’t leave food on your desk! You may attract unpleasant guests such as insects, mice, etc. That’s why it is good to dispose trash every day.
  4. Spend 10 minutes every morning to organize your desk – leave only things, paper and materials you will need during the day. It will help you not to distract.
  5. Add good scents to the working atmosphere. Aromas such as citrus, pine, lavender and cinnamon will help you concentrate and make you more focused and relaxed at the same time.
  6. At least two or three times a day open the window for fresh air!