10 nontraditional ways to clean your home

There are hundreds of ways to clean your home perfectly like a pro and we are sure you know some of them. We have already written about the best Homemade cleaners that you can do yourself. Now we are going to share with you some secrets and not very known methods for cleaning that will ease your housework.

  1. When you are cleaning the dust from ceiling fans use pillowcases sprayed with all-purpose cleaning product. The dust will fall into the cases not in your face.
  2. Save old toothbrushes to scrub small and hard-to-reach places. For example they can be very useful for the rails of the shower doors.
  3. When you are cleaning the dust from the furniture, don’t dry dust and use a slightly wet cloth – you can put an all-purpose cleaner or a homemade one instead.
  4. We all know how difficult it is to wash properly bottles or glassware such as flower vases for example. There is a secret easy way to do it – with uncooked rice. Mix ¼ cup of uncooked rice with a few tablespoons of water and a small amount of dish soap and spill it in the bottle. After that swish the bottle until it is clean.
  5. That soap scum that’s such a pain to remove? To remove the soap scum, scrape it off with a plastic putty knife – it is much easier than rubbing it with a sponge.
  6. A successful way to clean and make your stainless steel shiny is to use mineral oil and a cloth. Mineral oil repels water and prevents sticky materials from attaching to the steel.
  7. Replace the old cotton rags and the paper towels with microfiber cloths. They don’t scratch the surfaces and you can use them for cleaning appliances, sinks, TV and computer monitors, and for drying dishes, etc.

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